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Chic Harley – OSU Band Formation

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November 1, 2015 at 12:32pm
When Remy was counting down the 100 best OSU football players this past off-season, I came across this note on Wikipedia about Chic Harley:

"Harley returned to Columbus in 1949 for a tribute at Ohio Stadium. The Ohio State University Marching Band adapted their famous "Script Ohio" formation to spell out the name "Chic.""

As an alumni and former band member, I was intrigued and wanted to find a photo of such a noteworthy event. I could easily envision the change of the Os to Cs in this iconic of all band traditions. However, locating a picture of what I would consider to be a most historical “Kodak moment” for both the band and Harley has not been as easy as I thought it would be.  

The above photo of TBDBITL spelling out the name “Chic Harley” is from the OSU Libraries University Archives but it had no date attached. As you can see, it clearly is not a “script Chic” but obviously it was an impressive tribute nonetheless. So, the search continues … 


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