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Premium Lounge Not What I Imagined

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June 5, 2015 at 12:58pm

 Ok, I just reached 10,000 helmet sticker status and can now enter the 11W Premium Lounge and I don't know what to think. The place is an abandoned shithole! Vomit in the urinals, used condoms on the floor along with blood and feces splattered on the wall, empty craft beer bottles all over the place, a broken bottle of Scotch under a  bar stool with it's own license plate (hodge) that appears to have wheels and a motor!

Then I see a used Buckeye jersey on the floor with the signature "Um...Mr Knox" next to an old photo of Red Foxx! WTF? As I walk across the 'lounge' I can't help but notice a wall with M'MAN's icon that has a bulls eye spray painted in the middle and an arrow stuck in the (what smells like) piss yellow 'M'. "Ramzy was here" is spray painted under it. I feel like I'm either in the Twilight Zone or I'm the first witness to a CSI videogame crime scene. Either way I was highly disappointed in this supposedly privilaged lounge. Did I miss a forum topic that reads "Bucksfan changes PL address"?   

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