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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Reds sweeping the A's in the 1990 world series!
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Comment 06 Jul 2019
Haven't been there but I did try 'Smoke Justice' in Covington thr other day. The hot wings ate the slam and I tried the ribs with only the dry rub and they were spectacular
Comment 06 Jul 2019
You're exactly right TKRUSSEL! The sauce is the BOSS!
Comment 03 Jul 2019

Chicago has never really been on the national radar for bbq like the widely known regions you mentioned but there are plenty of different styles throughout the city but the Southside has a style all its own.

Comment 03 Jul 2019

My go-to local bbq here in C-Bus is 'RayRay's Hogpit' in Clintonville, its an underground legend here and Owned by a dude from Long Beach California. Hands down best in Columbus. I've tried many bbqs at the annual ribs fest here and nothing even comes close

Comment 02 Jul 2019
Yeah, that's always been what I've been chasing after and I will try authentic N.C. bbq if I ever get out that way. Back in the '40s and '50s African Americans migrated to Chicago from the Mississippi Delta region n search of jobs and brought with them music and bbq styles. I want to road trip to the South one day to try it
Comment 02 Jul 2019
In short, what separates Southside style from all other regional bbq is the 'aquarium' smokers they use. Wood smokers controlled with a garden hose. Also a thin, vinegary, peppery sauce. A bit of heat and tang to it. Also rib tips and hot links. Also you'll find your ribs/wings/links on a bed of fries with 2 slices of plain white bread on top.
Comment 02 Jul 2019
Actually the sauce does oddly contain pineapple juice concentrate LOL
Comment 02 Jul 2019
I'm from Cincy but never tried Eli's yet but hear alot about it. Growing up in Evanston (Cincinnati) I was close to a dank ass bbq joint called Ike's bbq. It's long gone now but I've been searching for 25+ yrs for that style and taste. I finally narrowed my search to Chicago style (specifically Southside). So I knew I had to make the 500 mile journey but kept my expectations down due to so many years of disappointment. The smell was right, the sounds of a dude chopping up rib tips with a butcherknife, the look was right with the red vinegary/peppery sauce, a bed of fries, 2 slices of white bread to sop up the danknes.... within my 1st taste, I went into a food coma. All my Ikes memories came flooding back. It was truly a religious experience. I went right back inside to buy a 1/2 gallon jug of the 'Mild Sauce'.
Comment 02 Jul 2019
The whole city of Chicago is a foodlovers paradise. I've had Chicago style Frank's up by DePaul university. I've had shawarma from 2 different places on Clark st. (Both are 1st-rate). I've been to the all-Italian food market downtown. AND now I've FINALLY had Southside bbq! When I go back, I'm definately hitting up Lem's again and also a couple others down there like Leon's bbq, and Uncle John's bbq!
Comment 18 Jun 2019

Hahaha, they ranked Fields the #1 QB based on where he's from and whatever shitball SEC or ACC schools he had in his top 10 ( I don't even remember or care who he chose). Oh yeah, Georgia right? Anyway, that's then and and obviously ESPIN can't change his ranking now. Had he been from the Midwest and had a top-5 of mostly Big10/ ND, the SPIN wouldn't have even ranked him in their top-5 QBs guaranteed! 

Comment 28 Nov 2018
That's how I know Urban is fully committed to returning to coach the Buckeyes again in 2019. If he was planning to retire, what better way to go out than to literrally piss on the dead body of Suxagain by going for that extra unnecessary TD (and then go for 2!!!)
Comment 17 Sep 2018
We have at least 2 more years of the Dwayne Train gif. As Haskins is only a sophomore.