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Well went to the VA today

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August 15, 2014 at 8:34pm

Went to finish signing up for my VA Med part of my VA not sure how it went just yet being after talking to the two nurse's. The last nurse that i saw to finish all the question they needed to ask left the room for a few minutes.

When she game back she had me follow her to anohter room and told me to wait there because the Doctor wanted to talk with me. So after 20 minutes the physiatrist came into the room and had me follow him to his office to talk.

We talked for about an hour and 20 minute's about my mood swings and depression and the voice's. He wanted to know about how many hours i sleep a day which i told him 2 to 4 depending on the nightmare's. He going to have them set up couneling for me and have some test taken.

Wants me to call if i get the feeling of doing something to harm myself which is a good thing i guess so maybe this is going to help get my life back to where it should be. I think i final did something right in my life for once in seeking help for me instead of always being the one to looking to help others to take my mind off my problem's.

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