As Per Tradition, Here's an Awful Team-Centric Country And/Or Rap Song to Celebrate Success

By Johnny Ginter on January 11, 2020 at 12:22 pm
Please stop

I'm not sure why I reflexively recoil from fan-made music about sports teams (except for the obvious reason that they're usually extremely bad, as in this case).

Maybe it's that everyone in the music videos for them all seem to be having just a little too good of a time, like a grown man screaming and clapping while in line for bumper cars. Maybe it's that they always seem to get released right before a Big Game for maximum profit and/or publicity. Maybe it's that actual, current college students never seem to make these things, just olds who are squinting real hard to try and remember what college was actually like.

Anyway, here's "Time To Be A Tiger," standard country-style goat bleating included:

No major college program is immune from this particular brand of sonic garbage, and especially (ESPECIALLY) not Ohio State. But if Clemson losing on Monday means that it is no longer Time To Be A (Clemson) Tiger, then I'm all for it.

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