Friday Night Fights: Week Two

By 11W Staff on September 7, 2018 at 6:15 pm
here comes Rutgers

Welcome to the second installment of Friday Night Fights, 2018.

This series is your opportunity to prove how clairvoyant you are regarding Ohio State's upcoming football fortunes. It also gauges how good or bad your #takes are, should you choose to defend them in the comments.

Rutgers is up next, and for those keeping score at home it's Buckeyes 114, Scarlet Knights 0 since Chris Ash left Columbus for Piscataway. This video, like that score, is not safe for work:

Let's check the results from last week's Fights and the best #takes from the week:

The Buckeyes' offense quickly demonstrated that points would not be a problem. The defense, well...
dwayne train
Over 300 yards, total command of the passing game and a zip on passes you could see and feel in the stadium and on TV. CHOO CHOOOOO
Sixteen freshmen played, but Master Teague III - the fourth RB into the game - had 6 carries for 56 yards and a TD to earn top contributor.
It took a 21-0 4th quarter for the Buckeyes to cover, but the Over was obliterated two plays into the 2nd half.
nd mich
The winner, predictably, is a "national title contender" now. Who could have possibly seen this coming.
Even when the Buckeyes were burning clock with 3rd and 4th stringers in the game, they were running tempo and scoring.
nd michhh
The only real positive from one of these teams winning is the other losing.
Better news: He didn't get disqualified for targeting!
Correct and correct and correct.

Onto this weekend's Fights:


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