Shane Morris Suffered a Concussion, and Brady Hoke Put Him Back In

By D.J. Byrnes on September 28, 2014 at 9:16 am

Due to yesterday's Dubgate V (which was a rousing success), I wasn't able to participate in the delicious Michigan Man misery that was their 30-14 home drubbing at the hands of the mighty Minnesota Gophers.

Let's get a first-person view of the defeat, shall we? From Ace at

Regardless of how you felt about the on-field performance, what Brady Hoke did in putting an almost certainly concussed Shane Morris back on the field was reprehensible and, if you believe the first job of a head coach is to protect his own players, worthy of a firing. The fact that Hoke let Morris stay on the field as long as he did in the first place—when Morris, at one point, waved at the sideline while needing a lineman's support to stand—was awful enough; to ask Morris to re-enter that game was beyond the pale.

A national television audience just saw every reason why they shouldn't send their football players to Michigan.

An ornery crowd filtered in slowly, with the "attendance" of 102,926 such an obvious farce much of the crowd booed when it was announced.

The worst part? It occurred with Michigan down 30-7 in the fourth quarter. With the announcers already questioning the safety of Morris due to an apparent left leg injury, Michigan coaches did the only sensible thing: rolled him out on a bootleg. The hit comes at about the 2:15 mark:

Yes, Shane Morris was not immediately pulled from the game/

Devin Gardner eventually came in and led Michigan to two first downs, however, he lost his helmet on a scramble. Due to that, he had to come out for a play.

Third-string quarterback Craig Bellamy seemed to have a problem finding his helmet, although he appears to find it within plenty of time to be inserted into the game, Shane Morris wobbled out back onto the field in his place.

So, Brady Hoke has a bit of a dilemma on his hands. 1) He knowingly inserted a concussed player back onto the field. 2) He didn't know his quarterback was concussed and unknowingly inserted him back into the game. Either way you cut it, it's a fireable offense.

Shane Morris was eventually carted off the field.

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