Purdue Rode a Bus to Rensselaer, Indiana... For Practice!?

By D.J. Byrnes on August 14, 2014 at 2:09 pm
Welcome to Rensselaer, Home of Purdue Football
"Welcome to Rensselaer" by Bob Wicks [Flickr]

Purdue will go on the road five times this season, and second-year frontman Darrell Hazell wants his team to be prepared... for riding a bus.

Yes, even with BTN in town to observe camp, Hazell and his crackpot associates hatched a scheme back in March in order to simulate an away game experience.

From Chris Vannini of CoachingSearch.com:

“We thought it would be a good idea to shake things up,” Hazell said. “We told the guys last night to pack their backs. We’re not telling you where we’re going. We take the road five times this year. I think it’s very important that we go do a different environment, that we learn how to adapt quickly and realize that the only important things are the things that happen between the line.”

Granted, I have to pay to be within 100 yards of a D-1 college football team, but I think teams usually know where they're headed on game days. Hazell made it sound like they were about to be shuffled off by a coyote at the crack of dawn. (We could never get that lucky.)

And why, if the important things happen "between the line," is Purdue spending allotted camp hours on a bus ride to some place called Rensselaer? (The only thing I need to know about Rensselaer, Indiana,  is that I never want to find myself in Rensselaer, Indiana.)

But... whatever, Purdue. Just try not to embarrass yourselves out there this year.

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