Georgia Wide Receiver Malcolm Mitchell Is In A Book Club with a Bunch of Moms

By D.J. Byrnes on August 13, 2014 at 9:46 am
"Mom on Couch" by Mark Ehr [Flickr]

A lot of Americans refuse to read books because, hell, those are a lot of words strung together for the year 2014. 

Georgia's junior star wideout, Malcolm Mitchell, however, is not one of those Americans.

In fact, did you know — right now — your mom and Mitchell might be chopping it up about the latest best-seller? Oh, it's true.

From Jaye Watson of (via r/CFB):

Mitchell says he didn't read that much growing up, because he was always outside playing football. One day, on an outing to Barnes & Noble, he saw Kathy Rackley. She was holding a stack of books, and he thought she looked like she knew a lot about them. So he asked her for a book recommendation.

The two struck up a conversation and when Rackley mentioned she had just joined a book club, Mitchell asked her if he could join too. Mind you, this book club is all women, and they're all older than Mitchell's own mother.


"All the ladies in the club are great people and good friends, so the relationships are great and I cherish them," Mitchell added.

I bet you do, Mitchell.

Mitchell is out for the "first part of the season" as he recovers from arthroscopic knee surgery to repair damage suffered while "running routes with his teammates." He also suffered a season-ending knee injury during the opener against Clemson last year and was sidelined during spring football.

Mitchell was 24/7's No. 3 athlete from the 2011 class. He's hauled in 85 passes for 1,237 yards and eight touchdowns in his Georgia career.

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