#RelegatePurdue: Boilermakers Ranked 108th by USA Today

By D.J. Byrnes on May 12, 2014 at 11:41 am

USA Today's Paul Myerberg is counting down the start to college football season by releasing rankings from No. 128 to No. 1.

Today, he released his preview for the 108th best team in the country, the mighty Boilermakers of Purdue. 

Yes, it's as sad as you'd think.

Of this there is no debate: Purdue is coming off the worst season in program history. Eleven losses in total, a program record. The defense allowed 456 points, likewise a new low. The offense managed just 179 points, the Boilermakers' worst total during a 12-game season.

I guess the silver lining here is things almost can't get worse this year.

Tidbit: Yeah, it's bad. According to Jeff Sagarin's final ratings, Purdue was the 157th best team in the FBS and the Football Championship Subdivision, the worst team on the AQ level and the 14th-worst team in the FBS, ahead of only Air Force, Idaho, New Mexico State, five teams from Conference USA and five teams from the Mid-American Conference. Per Sagarin, Purdue was worse than 44 teams from the FCS. 

Well, at least they weren't the worst team in the country!

What about this year's team, though? SHOW ME THE LIGHT, MYERBERG:

I don't see how either side of the ball matches up. The offense wants to run some Frankenstein-like amalgam of the spread and a power rushing attack; needless to say, it's not working. Etling is promising, but asking this sophomore to carry the attack is – at this point, at least – a bad idea. The offensive line is a weak link and the backfield currently devoid of an answer. On defense, the Boilermakers must land all-conference seasons from Russell and Williams to survive. Possible? Yeah, but not likely. All the impressive talent I see on this roster comes in underclassmen, which might be a good sign for tomorrow but is a negative for today.

It's going to be an ugly year.

Must be an amazing time to be a Boilermaker fan. 

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