Ohio State's Spring Game Ranks 6th In Attendance Nationwide

By Nicholas Jervey on April 20, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Kirk Irwin Photography

School Crowd
Alabama 73,506
Penn State 72,000
Auburn 70,465
Tennessee 68,548
Nebraska 61,772
Ohio State 61,058
Georgia 46,073
Oklahoma 43,500
South Carolina 36,412
Florida State 36,000

Remember those ludicrously expensive spring game tickets? They may not have hurt attendance numbers so much after all, since the 61,058 fans who went to Ohio State's spring game made it the sixth most attended anywhere.

With all of the major spring games having been played, OSU ranks between Nebraska and Georgia this year. Not surprisingly, Alabama and Auburn comprised two of the top three spots. Somewhat surprisingly, Penn State ranked second with 72,000 fans attending; they must really like that James Franklin fellow.

Now, some fun with numbers: If OSU had only sold 30,000 tickets, they would have tied for 13th. With 40,000, they would have been in 9th place. No matter what, Ohio State would have had one of the premier attendance figures; the question is whether they could have led the field if tickets had been $5 all along.

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