Jim Tressel Applies For Akron Presidency

By Johnny Ginter on March 22, 2014 at 10:31 am

Love yoouuuuuuu!


Sorry Browns, Colts, Toledo, Bulls, Nuggets, Longhorns, Crew, Kings, Reds, Banana Slugs, Manchester United, and various little league tee ball fans, it looks like Jim Tressel is gunning for higher academia rather than heading back into coaching.

The Columbus Dispatch reported earlier today that former Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel is gunning for the job of President at the University of Akron, rather than looking for a head coaching job in football (as his show-cause penalty is starting to fade away like a fart in a crowded room).

Tressel sent Akron trustees two letters a month apart. In the first, he suggests himself as an interim leader who knows the school’s challenges and could help in the transition. The second is his application to be president. Tressel says he has 35 years of experience in higher education, including as Youngstown State’s coach.

You can check out his application in our Buckshot here. Best of luck to Tressel, and given his personality and background, this would be a great fit.

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