There's a Stuffed Wildcat in Kentucky's Locker Room

By D.J. Byrnes on February 15, 2014 at 5:04 pm

Anthony Mckee Jr is a three-star outside linebacker prospect from Walnut Ridge High School in Columbus. Like a lot of second-tier talent in Ohio, the University of Kentucky is hot on his heels. 

Today, he tweeted out this very Kentuckian picture:

The logo being roped off is nothing new, because as we all know, walking over a carpeted logo of a school is THE HIGHEST FORM OF DISRESPECT KNOWN TO MAN.

What really amuses me, however, is the stuffed wildcat positioned on its hind-legs. Poor thing looks like it's been eternally left hanging on a high-five attempt. And is it me, or is having a dead animal trophy positioned in the middle of the locker room the most Kentucky thing ever?

Regardless, the mojo seems to be working for Mark Stoops and Big Blue Nation (they won a mighty two games in 2013), but it's all fun and games until Nick Saban travels to Africa to bag an elephant for Alabama's locker room.

Source: @_xHeSuperSoLo

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