Someone Created a Fake Efton Reid Commitment Tweet and Duped Several Major Outlets and Reporters

By Kevin Harrish on May 7, 2021 at 4:31 pm
Don't Fall For It!

No, five-star center Efton Reid did not commit to Pitt at noon on Friday. But several notable reporters and major outlets were convinced that he did, thanks to a fake Twitter account.

Reid was expected to announce his college commitment at noon on Friday, but that announcement didn't come on time from his Twitter account, @efton15.

What did come at noon was a since-deleted Tweet from a since-deleted account, @efton15_, faking a commitment to Pittsburgh with an admittedly extremely convincing commitment graphic.

A pretty good fake.

Fake Twitter accounts attempting to dupe people certainly aren't a new phenomenon, but the success of this one is relatively unprecedented, fooling several notable reporters from major outlets, including Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports and Adam Finkelstein of ESPN. It even led to a Bleacher Report push notification.

Reid did not commit to Pitt, or anywhere else on Friday afternoon, even after promising his commitment date and time was "fr this time." But apparently, a commitment is still coming.

Buckeye fans, don't hold your breath.

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