Oklahoma State's Marcus Smart Shoved a Texas Tech Fan on National TV

By D.J. Byrnes on February 9, 2014 at 12:24 am
Not a very smart move, Marcus.

Oklahoma's Marcus Smart was considered a surefire NBA lottery pick last season. He shocked many when he decided to stay for his sophomore year, and that decision looked bad even before tonight when he shoved Jeff Orr, Texas Tech's alleged 'No. 1 fan.'


Ohio State assistant head coach Jeff Boals, any thoughts?

No, I doubt I would be surprised what adults say to 18-22 year-old kids. Hard to pass full judgement without knowing what the Texas Tech fan said, but let's not act like Marcus Smart knocked an old man out with a haymaker or anything. 

Orr was unprovoked and claimed what he said wasn't vulgar or the N-word, but admitted his "mouth said something it shouldn't have." Orr has a history of taunting players. (Fast forward to the last replay in this clip. You'll know when you see him.)

Smart's Oklahoma State Cowboys lost to Texas Tech, 65-61. It was the Cowboys' sixth loss on the season.

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