College Basketball Parity is a Ticket Broker's Dream

By Jason Priestas on February 22, 2013 at 3:24 am
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Thanks to a wild season that's given us four different AP No. 1s in the last eight weeks alone, fans of several programs are feeling it, driving up Final Four and NCAA Championship game prices in the process:

Currently, the average ticket price on the secondary market for this year’s National Championship Game is a whopping $916, a 203% jump over last year’s $302 price tag. In fact, this year’s cheapest ticket is currently $249, barely below last season’s average, and virtually identical to 2011’s $252 average price. The savvy ticket buyer will notice that quantities are currently quite limited, As the tournament draws near, more tickets will hit the market, and prices will likely begin trending slightly downward.

Prices for Semifinals tickets have also risen substantially, though not as much as those for the Finals. Interestingly enough, tickets for the Semifinals have actually significantly out-priced those of the Finals in each of the past two tournaments.

As the report indicated, prices will dip once more tickets hit the market, but with such an open field, count on them remaining high.


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