We Don't Like SEC Basketball

By Jason Priestas on January 27, 2013 at 11:28 pm

But we like this guy.

Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson hit two game-winning free throws at Auburn and then did what any self-respecting hoopster would do: marched over to the Auburn student section and asked them how they liked their apples.

There are so many things to marvel at in this GIF. Thankfully, the crew at CBS Sports is there to highlight them:

  • The crew of double-middle finger guys. They're forever best friends.
  • The guy who rips his hat off. He was so heated that he just couldn't take it anymore.
  • Now we get to the sleepers: to kick things off, check out my man next to Auburn pajamas girl. He's got the creepy sideways grin, like he digs Marshall Henderson's attitude, but can't have his friends find out.
  • Speaking of Auburn pajamas girl, she looks out of place. And is also terrified by the flying object to her left.
  • What is that flying object? No one really knows. Could be a Fathead, could be a cardboard cutout, could be an umbrella. But the blonde girl reacts like it's a head. A real one.
  • White hat fellow. Waving his hands, yelling "come on come on come on" to Henderson. His flailing hands and sideways shuffle steals the show for a bit.
  • The guy right in the middle who emphatically sticks a middle finger at Henderson -- and then tears it right back down. Everything he did was 100 percent.

Bravo, Marshall Henderson, bravo.

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