Larry Johnson Sr. Is Likely Giving All His Penn State Gear to Salvation Army

By D.J. Byrnes on February 4, 2014 at 2:31 pm
Larry Johnson Sr., on left, with his swagger on 100000 squillion.

Sports Illustrated embedded a Q&A with Ohio State defensive line coach Larry Johnson Sr. in a lengthy article by Pete Thamel and Thayer Evans today. This is probably our favorite exchange: You were at Penn State for almost 20 years. What will you do with all that gear?

Johnson: I've got a whole closet full of Penn State stuff to find something to do with. (Laughs.) We'll find a way to move it, maybe the Salvation Army.

"Coach J" stressed he's not bitter about being passed over for the head coaching job: What are your feelings toward Penn State? You obviously were interested in the job when it opened twice in the past few years.

Johnson: I'm not bitter about anything. Maybe the best guy got the job, and that's OK. I had a decision to make and made the best decision for my family and where I was. I don't have anything but gratitude for Penn State. I had a great career there. I impacted a lot of young men, and they impacted me, also. I'm happy to be in the opportunity I'm in and have a chance to move on in my career. You can't think about what could have happened. I don't live that way and never have.

The article is embedded in a tome of college football info; so if you're bored on this Tuesday afternoon, it's a definite time-sink. 

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