Did the ACC Try to Poach Big Ten Schools?

By Jason Priestas on January 14, 2014 at 10:49 am
Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany speaking at Maryland when the school announced plans to join the Big Ten.

You thought conference expansion news was over, right? Guess again.

The University of Maryland has filed a $157 million countersuit against the ACC, and the details of the case are juicy. Maryland is accusing Wake Forest and Pitt of trying to recruit unnamed schools from the Big Ten to leave and join the ACC. Maryland even brings ESPN into the case, alleging that the Worldwide Leader counseled the ACC on which schools to target. 

This isn't the first time ESPN's been a player in conference realignment. They also got their hands dirty during ACC and Big East realignment. 

But wait, it gets better:

The lawsuit game began after the ACC sued Maryland to the tune of $52 million after the school left for the Big Ten. An attempt to get the suit thrown out was rejected. So, now the question becomes, which Big Ten schools were targets of poaching? Penn State is logical, but who else?

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