Insane Clemson Fan Wants You to Know How Much He Hates Ohio State

By Jason Priestas on December 29, 2013 at 10:20 pm

Meet Savage Tiger, a completely logical and reserved Clemson fan. Just kidding. This guy is insane and this video might just be our new favorite thing.

You'll want to give the entire five-plus minutes a listen [parts NSFW], because it's like watching test footage of Kenny Powers' younger, more ignorant brother.

Here's a short list of this man's beliefs:

  • Yankees remind him of a skunk, "tearing shit up," stinking and lacking respect for anything.
  • Michigan owns Ohio State. "They beat the shit out of Ohio State every year."
  • Yankees need to be eradicated. They don't deserve to be in America.
  • America means happiness, Southerners, football and beer. Not disrespectful, arrogant punks like the Ohio State Buckeyes.
  • Everyone wants to live in the South because "they want to be us."
  • Ohio State is only in the Orange Bowl because of its history.
  • Clemson plays real football, while Ohio State plays girl football.
  • Ohio State is a bunch of cheating faggots that might just be cheating right now. 

His entire catalog is top shelf, really.

Edit: video removed, apparently this fella had a change of heart.

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