Remembering the Time Michael Wiley Took a Cab to Class in the Snow

By Jason Priestas on October 23, 2013 at 10:11 am
Mike Wiley's snow chariot. Probably.

Central Ohio was hit with a light dusting of snow this morning. Some of the younger players on the Ohio State football team, particularly those from Florida and Texas handled it as you'd expect they would, while seasoned vets took things in stride.

But tweets are nothing compared to what former Buckeye and native Californian Michael Wiley did once he met snow for the first time as a freshman in Columbus.

Take it away, Jim Naveau...

Now you can add "Took a cab to class while snowing" next to "Strongly resembles Jamie Foxx" on your list of Michael Wiley facts.

Source: @Lima_Naveau

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