Eleven Dubcast: Pennsylvania Returns

By Johnny Ginter on October 23, 2013 at 4:15 pm
yeah I'd be scared tooBE BRAVE, DOGGY!

Mmmm Big Ten season. It's finally hit its stride, and there's no slowing down (because, being the Big Ten, things are already as slow as they possibly can be).

After a scare from Iowa, Ohio State welcomes Penn State into the friendly confines of Ohio Stadium for a night game that will feature both alternate unis and hand wringing from Buckeye fans every time Christian Hackenberg completes a pass longer than 8 yards.

To help us break the game down, we brought on the one and only Ben Jones from StateCollege.com, and as usual he does an excellent job at preparing us for what Ohio State will face on Saturday.

And of course our wonderful Ask Us Anything segment rolls on, where you can ask us literally anything by sending us an e-mail at elevendubcast@gmail.com!

It's an action packed episode, so check it out why not?

0:21- Michael and I break down the Iowa game and also delve into Michael's incredible artistry and his impact on the wider art world.

20:04- BEN JONES! Who politely answers why Christian Hackenberg would deign to come to Penn State, and gives us some perspective on the incredibly wacky Michigan victory.

38:09- Ask Us Anything, and yes I am dead serious about being a combination of Dewey Finn and Mr. Hand.


Music for the Dubcast this week was Go Go Gadget Flow by Lupe Fiasco, Eleanor Put Your Boots On by Franz Ferdinand, and I'll Bet You by FUNKADEEEELLLIICCC!!!

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