Video of Roby Incident Could Lead to Charges Being Dropped

By Kyle Rowland on August 17, 2013 at 9:28 am

Video of the incident at a Bloomington, Ind., bar involving Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby could exonerate him. The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that the video could be "instrumental" in the Monroe County prosecutor offering a diversion program, which could lead to charges being dropped and the case dismissed. 

In a police report based on the video, an officer details the incident, writing that Roby was carried out of the bar being wrapped by people around the shoulders and lower legs. Roby was then pushed three times by the bar's security officer. On the third push, Roby was "driven back 2 to 3 feet." He then lunged at the security officer and was subsequently handcuffed. 

Sources told Eleven Warriors that Roby looked "roughed up" when he returned to Columbus the following day.

Roby was arrested on July 21 for battery, a Class A misdemeanor. The charges were reduced to disorderly conduct on Friday, a Class B misdemeanor. The prosecutor's office didn't receive video of the incident until this week, but officers were told video did not exist the night of the arrest.

There is no answer on whether Roby accepted the diversion program. However, a receipt of payment has been posted. 

Ohio State had no comment on Roby's status with the football program. 

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