Your Guide To B1G Media Days

By Johnny Ginter on July 13, 2013 at 6:21 pm

Lots of good stuff here, but especially:

Five storylines/things to watch: Here are a handful of what we think will be the most popular topics in Chicago:

  •  Ohio State/Urban Meyer: The Buckeyes and their coach remain the elephant in the room. After going 12-0 last season and entering this year ranked No. 1 in some polls, Ohio State will be the story in the Big Ten. Is Meyer's team a legitimate national title contender? Can anyone -- especially in the Leaders Division -- beat back the Buckeyes? Meyer will be a big focus, and he surely will face questions about the Aaron Hernandez/Florida arrests situation. Whether he answers any is another story.

Let's be honest here, the media probably has a prerogative to ask about the Hernandez situation, but it's hard to believe that Urban is going to give them anything that beyond the basic pat answer of "no comment." But, thanks to the media itself, it's a story and now they're being expected to ask about it. It's an Ouroboros of futility.

More interesting will be watching how Braxton handles himself in the spotlight, as he kicks off what may be a Heisman campaign.

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