The 8 Most Entertaining College Football Assistant Coaches on Twitter

By Jason Priestas on May 23, 2013 at 5:19 am
#HASHTAGS assembled a list of the 8 most entertaining college football assistant coaches on Twitter and Ohio State's Kerry Coombs, rock star that he is, made the cut:

Ohio State's cornerbacks coach doesn't tweet all that frequently, but each one has a lot. He often tweets where he's at on the recruiting trail, and makes a comment about the place. He wasn't too excited to be in Michigan. Excuse me, I mean "TSUN." He also has some of the longest hashtags. Here are some examples: #tryingtohelpabrotherout, #newtothetechnology, #gosouthforthewinter, #comenorthforthechampionship

You can – and should – follow Coombs on Twitter: @OsuCoachCoombs.

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