Kirk Ferentz's High School Nickname was "Fetus Head"

By Jason Priestas on May 20, 2013 at 11:50 am
Oh, there goes Fetus Head Ferentz, again, punting on third down.

Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz is notorious for keeping a shield around his personal life, so it's notable when a media outlet is able to penetrate his inner sanctum. Hawk Central did just that, prying Ferentz's high school nickname out of the coach:

Did you have a nickname in high school or college?

“I’ve had a few.”

What were they?

“There were some.”

Such as? Name one? Is there one you can admit?

“Fetus Head, that was one. Helmets didn’t fit so well back in the day. I’ve got a head that’s kind of shaped like an almond, I guess. So, yeah. I used to have a big lump that would form over my head (pointing to bridge of nose). That probably explains some of my problems and my issues right now — 35 years later.

“During football season, I tended to look like a Neanderthal creature. So a couple of my friends came up with the nickname Fetus-Head Ferentz.”

And that's why Ferentz doesn't discuss his personal life.

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