ACC Grant of Rights Deal Could Thwart Big Ten Expansion Advances

By Jason Priestas on April 22, 2013 at 1:53 pm
Jim Delany doing paperwork. We see you, Gordon Gee.

According to a CBS Sports report, the ACC is expected to sign a unanimous Grant of Rights agreement among its 15 members.

ACC presidents are in the process of clearing this with their departments. The agreement will go to 2026-27, the duration of the league's contract with ESPN. The deal is not official just yet but, barring an unforseen snag, will be completed.

Unless a league member decides to go to litigation to escape this down the road, the ACC believes a Grant of Rights will protect it from conference realignment poachers.

In a Grant of Rights deal, a school essentially relinquishes all media rights to the conference for use in a pooled distribution model. Jim Delany covets North Carolina and perhaps a few other ACC schools, but not enough to accept them without media rights.

Bigger picture, this might mark the last we hear about major conference expansion for a good while. 

UPDATE: The ACC makes it official.


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