11W EXCLUSIVE: The Bollman Contract

By Johnny Ginter on March 4, 2013 at 5:00 pm
The Bollman Stare: It's penetrating

Let's say that you're the coach of a B-tier college football team, you're looking for an offensive coordinator, and somehow fate shines upon you and Jim Freaking Bollman is available and interested. Well, interested anyway. And you know that to lure in that kind of coaching star power away from the paradise on earth that is West Lafayette, Indiana, you'll need to pull out all the stops and offer him one hell of a contract.

And then you offer him that contract, and you get him, because you're Mark Dantonio dammit, and you don't let big fish like Jim "I know Jim Tressel" Bollman get away so easily. Not when he could transform your offense from a mediocre and outmoded outside zone blocking-based rushing attack into a mediocre and outmoded inside zone blocking-based rushing attack.

Man! Wouldn't it be cool to see how Dantonio pulled this epic poaching job off? Wouldn't it be interesting to know just what Michigan State offered the guy to get him to come to East Lansing and destroy the potential of dozens of 3-star recruits? Don't we, as Ohio State fans, deserve some form of closure after the loss of our most beloved and effective assistant coach in the program's history?

Yes, yes, aaannndd yes are the answers, so lucky you! We here at 11W got the inside scoop on this story and can now print what we believe to be a copy of the actual terms of employment offered by Michigan State to Jim "Dave" Bollman.

Count your blessings, Sparty. You got a good one.

So, it's pretty obvious that Michigan State was willing to make a commitment to Bollman that Hazell and Purdue were not, which is their loss. Join us next week as we publish a photocopy of a napkin from December of 2011 that Urban Meyer doodled a stick figure on, complete with stink lines and labeled "GENE SMITH."

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