Eleven Dubcast: Blood, Sweat, and Cheers

By Johnny Ginter on November 28, 2012 at 12:00 pm

We did it, guys! Well, not "we," unless "it" refers to watching football from our couches while college age athletes do the actu- just kidding, WE DID IT!


12-0, ladies and gentlemen! Michigan State was toppled, Nebraska was pummeled, Wisconsin upended, and Michigan was slain and thrown into ruin; to say nothing of the rest of the various Ohio State opponent debris that the Buckeyes laid waste to during the course of the season. B1G champs, is all I'm saying. No I don't care that there's a game on Saturday.

Oh and also it's basketball season! Hooray! This week we bring on The Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective's John Ezekowitz to discuss stats, how Ohio State matches up this year against other teams in the country, and the real meaning of Christmas. In all seriousness, the kind of statistical analysis that the HCSAC is doing is fascinating, and if you're a fan of Ken Pomeroy, sabermetrics, or any other kind of sports based statistical analysis, I highly encourage you to tune in.

Finally, we also have our traditional Ask Us Anything segment (which you can participate in by asking us anything about life, love, or sports at elevendubcast@gmail.com), and rounded off with a quick discussion of Duke versus Ohio State tonight. Here's how everything broke down:

0:29- Sarah and I discuss the football season that was, the Michigan game that also was, and hand out some of our postseason awards (which, due to our Shining-like psychic connection, we mostly agree on)

23:24- John Ezekowitz! We've had John on the Dubcast before, and he brings the heat just as well this time as he did last time. As stated above, if you're into knowing some of the deeper ideas behind statistical sports analysis, I highly recommend you listen to the interview (and check out the HCSAC).

41:21- Ask Us Anything, the Duke game, and an interesting experiment where Sarah and I get progressively more ill as the segment goes on.


Music this week was You're the Best by Joe Esposito, Let's Dance to Joy Division by The Wombats, and Now You're A Man by DVDA. And that's it! Let's go piss Dick Vitale off.

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