Eleven Dubcast: Remedial Chaos Theory

By Luke Zimmermann on October 20, 2011 at 1:00 pm
Sometimes things are better left un-onMouseOver'dBye weeks aren't for everyone.

Let's look to the future, all the way to the year 2000. Ohio State's fallen on hard times but they've just found the one coach with a knack for asking himself relentlessly, "surely this is the down they finally throw the ball, right? Right?" 

After 3.5 hours of telling the dealer "hit me" with 20 on the table, Illinois fell to the previously lack luster Buckeyes thus giving Ohio State the momentum necessary to break beyond the .500 barrier and leave your dynamic Dubcast duo... Scrambling to figure out what to talk about for 45-ish minutes.

We do our best to rehash the Illinois game with the fervor it deserves. Boom Herron, with 114 of the most reassuring rushing yards you've ever witnessed, figures in prominently amongst the topics. We also hit on just how much better your day/weekend/week go in general when Ohio State wins as opposed to what we'd seen several of the last few weeks. We should all probably really be better than that, but alas, we'll take our synthetic dopamine however our vicarious passions can deliver it.

In the interest of mixing things up from the normal routine and in the spirit of the bye week, we go outside Ohio State to look more to the national landscape and welcome in the always delightful Holly Anderson of Sports Illustrated. Holly tells us who the best college football team in America is (and really who the two best are), breaks down whether or not there's any legitimate contenders in the Big Ten or if any of the league's perspective power brokers could actually hold their own against any of the national elites, and even provides her vantage point on that one annually awarded stiff armed trophy. We also touch on the plight of doing radio nationally and being subjected to Big East markets discussing the "Athletic Coast Conference's expansion."

Finally, Johnny and I talk about haunted hay rides and national museums. Really. You should probably also stay tuned for the easter egg at the very end. This week's is a gem (and in no way, shape, or form an invitation to discuss/debate politics unless you'd like to see the Noid finally pay reparations to all those families whose lives he ruined).

Right click, save as here to enjoy the Dubcast anyway you want to enjoy it, click play below, or head on over for a night in iTunisia.

Enjoy the fine tunes in this episode. Yours truly (as producer, engineer, co-owner of a B&B with the devil, and creative director) typically calls the shots on the soundtrack, but bye week and all, the ropes were turned over to one Johnny Ginter. The intro is courtesy of Del Tha Funkee Homospien with "Pissin' On Your Steps". The post-guest interview transition is Andrew WK's "Kiseki" (via the up and coming buzz-genre 'Johnny-ate-horse-one-time-wave'). Lastly, we close with Funeral Party's "New York City Moves to the Sound of L.A."

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