Pryor's Guardian: QB Will Stay at OSU

By Jason Priestas on June 3, 2011 at 4:18 pm

Willie Burns, Terrelle Pryor's godfather and legal guardian when he attended Jeannette high school is saying the quarterback will finish his career at Ohio State.

Willie Burns said he spoke with Pryor two days ago. While they did not discuss specifics about Pryor’s football future, Burns said Friday he doesn’t think the quarterback will leave for the NFL until after his senior season.


The 63-year-old Burns says Pryor will only turn pro “if somebody pressures his butt bad.” Pryor lived with Burns while he was in high school.

This sounds nice and all, but we're still hearing Pryor will have a difficult time escaping a full season suspension based on mounting allegations.

UPDATE: Burns now disputes the AP report saying: "He's his own man. If he goes pro, it's on him. If he stays, it's on him."

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