OSU Finishes 5th in Final AP Poll

By Jason Priestas on January 8, 2010 at 11:59 am

For the fourth time in the past five years, the Buckeyes have finished in the AP top five (behind Alabama, Texas, Florida and Boise State). To end here after the events of Purdue Harbor is nothing short of amazing and a testament to the staff and the growth of the team. Congratulations, gents.

Quickly peeking ahead to next season, Bama, Texas (with the sudden maturation of Gilbert), Boise State, Oregon and Iowa will all be loaded in addition to OSU. And of course Florida will have talent oozing out of every position. I think it's probably safe to assume a top three starting position for 2010, but starting at the top won't happen. Not with everything the Tide expect to bring back.

Finally, hats off to the Big Ten for placing three teams in the final top ten (Iowa 7th and Penn State 9th) after entering the season haters to the right, doubters to the left.