Quotes of the Week

By Jason Priestas on January 1, 2010 at 12:00 am

Bowl week is notable because it's one of the few precious times each year when an entire football organization is available to the press. During the course of the week, university presidents grant interviews, the entire coaching staff speaks and every player that traveled is a live mic away from saying something interesting.

Here are some of our favorites from the week.

Ducks DC Nick Aliotti on His Last Trip to the Rose Bowl

"I remember watching Joe Paterno coach on TV in a bowl game when I was kid, lying on the floor at my grandmother's house."

Heacock on the Oregon Offense

"That is the problem, you can shoot one game and see things that they didn't even run in the previous game."

Pryor on Beefgate

"They were nice jeans. But Coach Tress is a classy guy."

Oregon TE Ed Dickson on Nike

"It just been amazing at what Nike has done for this university and we’re grateful for that. We dress nice and we play nice."

Saine on How to Attack the Ducks' Defense

"We can learn a few things from Stanford and Toby Gerhart, especially in the second half of that game. As the game wears on you may be able to expose them. You have to bring it and be physical and we can do that."

Pryor on More Offensive Balance

"We are going to throw the ball a lot this game too. We are going to be balanced. My footwork is a lot better. We have trust in our receivers and our linemen are a lot better too."

Oregon TE Ed Hickson on the Tempo of the Offense

"I hardly remember what a huddle is, except for when we have to do it in practice to help the defense reset."

Duck DT Brandon Bair on Pryor

"Pryor is there biggest threat on offense. If we can make him throw the ball instead of running, we feel pretty good about our chances."

Oregon WR Jeff Maehl on Chip Kelly

"Guys from Boston always have a lot of energy and are fired up."

Oregon OC Mark Helfrich

"Our No. 1 job is to score."

Pryor on Whether He'll Throw More

"I hope so. I hope for that every game, but I just want to get a ‘W’. Whatever the team needs me to do, I want to do it."