NFL/Heisman/Butler Loss/Weekend Venting Thread

By Alex Gleitman on December 13, 2009 at 9:55 am
Karma is a b*tchA taste of their own medicine.....

It's definitely been a long weekend in sports and now it's finally Sunday and everyone can sit back, relax, watch some NFL football and take everything in while we wait for bowl games to take place in the next few weeks.

Things have certainly been interesting in the sports world over the last 10 days. Tiger Woods has taken a step away from golf to deal with family problems which have him tied to six, eight, ten, possibly thirteen mistresses and have shifted our view of one of golf's best ever to one similar of Justin Boren's view of the Michigan football program.

Brian Kelly has left Cincinnati to go to his "dream school" in South Bend after apparently lying to his players' faces. Kelly may be able to bring his magic to the Golden Domers, but for now he looks at a 6-6 team that loses its two best offensive stars and has a lot of work to do on defense. Kelly's quick-fix may have worked against the Syracuses and Louisvilles of the world, but with the players they have and against the schedule the Irish face, it won't be that easy.

As the weekend went on, we saw our Buckeyes drop one to Butler that they easily could have won. It was a scrappy effort as Chris mentioned, but the Bucks couldn't find offensive consistency without The Villian leading the way. They do have three cupcake games coming up before conference play to work on their chemistry without ET, so we should be all fixed up to play four of our first five Big Ten games on the road, right?

Finally, the Heisman Trophy was presented to Mark Ingram last night for his performance in the SEC Championship Game 2009 season. Don't get me wrong, Ingram had a great year, but I thought Gerhart was the best player in college football all season long and deserved the award. Looks like next year we'll have to hope TP steps up and can help preserve Archie's record yet again.

So vent away at any issues you have, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and keep the 19 day countdown to Pasadena rolling as there is sure to be a ton of fun in between now and January. Don't worry we'll be here throughout your wait and we promise, we are not going to talk to Notre Dame or Kansas about any blogging vacancies.