The Other Side of the Moeller Story Surfaces

By Jason Priestas on August 20, 2009 at 1:45 am

Ken Gordon and Tim May of the Dispatch, who have been all over the Decker/Moeller story, spoke with a few witnesses and additional details are starting to trickle out. Of note: prosecutors are considering bumping the case up to felony battery once additional medical evidence comes in and Decker allegedly approached Moeller's sister at the bar.

Three witnesses in the police report all said Moeller was sucker-punched and Assistant State Attorney Richard Ripplinger believes that to be the case, so dark days could be ahead for Mr. Decker. It is, however, fair to point out that one witness, Gerald Ramsberger of Treasure Island, seemed to contradict the Moeller family's version of events:

"I just looked back and saw two guys screaming at each other, and threats being made up in the face," Ramsberger said. "Then before you know it, (Moeller) is laying on the ground."

Meanwhile, Decker's attorney maintains his client was acting in self-defense and both sides are accusing the other of drinking a bit too much.

Sadly, Buckeye nation took the low road in this whole affair and rose up for a digital lynching of sorts, tracking Decker down on social networks, calling his bosses, lobbing death threats and even going so far as to vandalize the guy's wedding guestbook. Losing Moeller the way the Buckeyes did is horrible, and we hope for a speedy recovery, but the fact that Decker might be facing five years should be satisfaction enough for those angered over this ordeal.