The '08 Line May or May Not Have Underperformed

By Jason Priestas on August 7, 2009 at 12:00 pm

Bucknuts caught up with Mike Brewster at Wednesday's charity event and he wants to "take some heat off Bollman's back" this season.

"I feel like he takes a lot of heat from the media and fans. I feel like it's not fair because he's not controlling what people are doing on the field. He get us ready and it's due to the guys on the field [that] didn't get it done and he can't help that."

When asked if there were things he saw out of guys that played last year that maybe caused that heat:

"Yeah... I mean... Yeah... I mean nothing... no comment."

There's a choice head-lowering grin in there. Queue to :40

Hope so. We've always thought the last batch, Boone especially, lacked leadership and what it took to be great at this level (as I type this from a recliner with a mountain of Doritos on my chest). Of course, Bollman is still 1/2 of what can be the most conservative offense in the free world. And that's somewhat frustrating at times.