Site News: We Now Have Voltron Plus Two

By Jason Priestas on August 18, 2009 at 5:25 pm

With kickoff just a mere 18 days away, we're gearing up to hopefully provide more Buckeye football coverage than we ever have.

Part of doing that is bringing on other experienced and knowledgeable writers and the latest edition to the crew is a darn good one. We're pleased to announce that Keith Courter will be joining the 11W team to help bolster both our football and basketball coverage.

Keith, as some of you might recall, is a blog pioneer of sorts, having founded Buckeye Commentary in 2005 (even inspiring the launch of this site in 2006) and grew the site until turning it over to other operators in 2008.

We're pumped to have him and look forward to his insights moving forward.