Mike Adams Suspended, Willie Mobley Headed West?

By Jason Priestas on August 28, 2009 at 7:26 pm

UPDATE: Holy news day. Is Willie Mobley transferring to UCLA? Yep.

Willie Mobley heading to UCLA?

We caught word of this earlier in the week, but didn't have anything firm to go off of, so we sat on it. Now, the the cat is out of the bag and news of Mike Adams' suspension is starting to get out.

The university isn't confirming anything at this point in time but the rumor we're hearing is that he's in trouble for something similar to what got him into trouble his freshman season. If you're still stumped, think Donald Washington.

The good news is that this explains the curious slide to 3rd string on the depth chart. Oh, that and any perceived lack of motivation. The bad news, of course, is that this is not his first offense and he's probably not in the position he thought he'd be in heading into his sophomore season -- nor will he be there anytime soon if he makes these types of things habitual.

We're trying to refrain from getting too soapboxy, because in our eyes, it's just something kids in college do (and have done for decades). But on the flip side, if you accept a football scholarship, you should understand that certain things are probably off limits for you.