It's Hellish Out There without Facebook and Twitter

By Jason Priestas on August 17, 2009 at 7:00 am
Week two of fall camp is dedicated to NavyHell tastes like salt.

The second week of fall camp is typically when the majority of the pad-popping occurs. The NCAA limits teams from putting the pads on for the first week and by the third week, you're winding down the contact to save bodies for the opener, but week two serves to separate the men from the boys (or freshmen). This year, the Buckeyes are adding a little oomph to the week by making it "Hell Week".

In a nod to the notorious fourth week of SEAL training and the week one opponent, the Ohio State staff is honoring the fine service of the Navy in its own special way, by yanking cell phones and computers from the players1.

Like everyone else who has used it even once, you can bet that the guys on the team love them some internet, so going off the grid for a week will be no easy task and is already causing some grumbles.

The approach could have its benefits. Without the lure of the social side of the internet tempting young minds, the Buckeyes will have no choice but to be thoroughly versed on the unique offense the Middies will be bringing to town. Our only regret is the fact that Boren won't be be able to enjoy the on field pain. Because you know he would.

Speaking of Boren, the prognosis is good -- he should be back for the opener and word is he would be cleared to play if a game were being held this weekend. Tim May thinks his injury could mean good things for J.B. Shugarts and that may be. Expect quite a few of the youngsters to see increased reps. But we'd rather have him in there tenderizing the interior of the defensive front so they are better prepped for when the Trojans come to town.

Other Buckeyes currently hurt include Posey, who is still suffering from a hammy tweak and Joe Bauserman, who supposedly injured a shoulder. Small and Rose are back in the fold, but are getting the Eric Lichter sweat and pain experience as they work their way out of the doghouse.

Quite a few freshmen are quickly making names for themselves, most notably, four former Under Armour All-Americans. Berry is turning heads with his quicks and elusiveness, Mewhort making a push into the two-deep, Duron Carter continues his rise and Storm Klein is making a move to become the MLB of the future.


Maize n Brew dives into Feagin's high school indiscretions and comes up with nothing much to write home about. Sadly, Rodriguez can't be accused of looking the other way on this one at least... Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema still won't comment on what led to the suspensions of safeties Shane Carter and Aubrey Pleasant (and their combined 34 starts). The two have been removed from the team's 105-man roster and Bielema wouldn't even speculate on whether the two would even return to the team... Louisville's camp has its own military inspiration, with the players visiting Fort Knox for a little boot camp love.

  • 1 You also have to wonder if the telecom lockdown was a byproduct of the Twitter accounts for players emerging last week (along with the colorful language). That or the Jake Ballard breach.