By Jason Priestas on July 28, 2009 at 1:00 am

The first day of Big Ten Media Days is in the books and as a first-time attendee, I can honestly say that it was a lot of different things.

It's somewhat surreal being in such close proximity to a bunch of people that you'd only seen on television in the past. On the way in, I saw Pat Forde and Kirk Ferentz on the escalator. Then later in the day, I saw Matt Millen of all people talking in the hotel lobby and Mark Dantonio heading out for dinner. I know seeing Joe Paterno was a thrill that I'll likely not forget soon. (Is it still cool to name-drop? Is it?)

It grew tiresome hearing the SEC brought into every interview with a coach, but at the same time, that's needed. And there were some awkward moments, like Rodriguez declining to talk about Terrelle Pryor or some of Bielema's claims, which skirted the realms of truthiness. But overall, it was a good day. Here are some other highlights:

  • Joe Paterno's epic: "What do you guys call those things, Twittle-do, Twittle-dee?" on Twitter.
  • Kirk Ferentz, Pat Fitzgerald and Mark Dantonio: three coaches that seem to have their stuff together. At least from the podium.
  • Speaking of, Fitz's icebreaker of "I voted for Tebow" was gold.
  • IU's Lynch, when asked how it was to campaign for support from fraternities and sororities: "The sororities were a lot better."
  • Tim Brewster, motivational speaker.
  • Dispatch reporter Tim May getting piled on. The man can't help it he's from the South. And asks about the SEC a lot.
  • The random lady that approached me and asked me if I'd seen Ron Zook, for she had his cell phone charger.
  • Hearing Delaney's thoughts on a nine game schedule and other matters. Can't say I was pleased to hear him say supermajorities of college administrators favor the BCS over playoffs, however.

What follows is a dump of the audio I captured on the day. I have quality video for a couple of the sessions, but right now it's too long for YouTube and I'm too exhausted to cut it up.

Tressel's Opening Remarks

This is the audio from Tressel's opening remarks, which was broadcast live on the Big Ten Network. The Vest gives an opening statement and then takes questions on Pryor's development, the running back situation, Illinois playing games later in the season and finally another question about the conference's perception.

This is also available in video form here (also text), but if you want an MP3 to put into your workout mix, here you go.

Tressel in the Hall After His Opening Remarks

After each coach finished speaking, they exited into the hall where they were descended upon by members of the press for follow-up questions in a setting where more of the nuts and bolts talk could occur. This session provided the following:

  • When asked whether the team would be missing anyone when fall camp starts, Tressel said to ask him Thursday (when summer grades come out). Looking your way, Mr. Small.
  • The Vest was asked about Berry and Hyde and at least on Berry's front, Tressel seemed to imply Berry's situation wouldn't impact his playing time. Seems like they're considering the fact that he hadn't reported when this took place, though Berry will likely still have that first offense in the school's student athlete alcohol and drug program.
  • Tressel was then asked about expansion and he basically used three minutes to say nothing really. He's for it if it's right for the league, but it's not something that's an urgent need in his opinion.
  • Dave Biddle of Bucknuts asked Tressel about Pryor's shot to be a captain as a sophomore and he said he wasn't sure it's something that he thought should be added to his plate. Mentioning the upcoming vote for captains, Tressel said he had a lot of votes, but he wasn't sure he had a hundred and some, so while it's not likely, there's always a chance I suppose.

Audio from Television Segments

Below are two fifteen minute clips from the television segments. Here, regional TV took turns asking Tressel and the players questions. No huge news in these segments and Tressel kept trying to steer questions to the players as most were addressed to him. There were four in total, but I only captured the first two.