In Ur Website Tracking Ur Votes

By Jason Priestas on May 8, 2009 at 7:00 am

Apologies in advance: 11W Corporate will be implementing four day work weeks for, oh, probably the next 12 weeks or so. As such, Friday posting will either be non-existent, random navel-gazing or minor service announcements.

And now for some of the promised navel-gazing. One cool thing about keeping the site poll fresh is we've accumulated the hive mind product of a sizable Buckeye (and troll) population. Looking back on the polls of the last year or so, there were some that were right on, some that were dead-wrong on and other outcomes yet to be determined.

Shall we?

  • March 2008: Just after Pryor signed on the dotted line, a slight majority of you thought that Greg Oden was the bigger recruiting catch. I have a hunch some folks might want to revise their choice after another year or two of returns, but as of right now, Oden does get the slight edge.
  • April 2008: When asked who the Buckeyes would line up as 3rd receiver in that year's Michigan game, Taurian Washington came in first with Ray Small coming in second in the voting. Dane would beg to differ.
  • April 2008: Fresh off of the NIT championship, 46% said Koufos would not be selected in the NBA draft. Two months later the Jazz would take him with the 23rd pick.
  • June 2008: With things looking bleak, 55% of you still thought that the Big Ten Network and Time Warner would settle their differences in time for the season opener. One Gene Smith letter and several slap fights through the press later, you were right.
  • June 2008: Three months before the start of Big Ten play, 57% of you thought Wisconsin would be the Buckeyes' primary challenge for the conference title. The 12% of you that chose Penn State may commence with the back patting.
  • July 2008: When asked who you would want coaching the Buckeyes if Tressel did not exist, 33% of you chose Pete Carroll, 20% chose Urban Meyer and 19% chose Chris Spielman. That order still seems about right to me.
  • August 2008: In the week leading up to the opener, voters correctly predicted that all three quarterbacks would see the field, but a slight edge thought Bauserman would see the field before Pryor. Oops.
  • September 2008: Immediately following the USC debacle, 85% of you thought LiC should be the starter pronto. Emotionally-charged vote or not, that's what happened and it was the right move.
  • October 2008: Right in the midst of another contentious presidential election, 72% of you would rather see OSU win a MNC sometime in the next four years than see your preferred candidate win the race. This brought a smile to my face.
  • November 2008: The week of his first ever OSU game, 70% of you thought Rich Rodriguez will only survive three years at Michigan. Five months later, we followed up and the majority thought he would only win five or six games in year two. Both of those predictions could be on track.
  • January 2009: Proving that everything we're told about the NFL draft is false until the picks actually go down, by more than a 2-to-1 margin, you thought Marcus Freeman would get selected ahead of Brian Robiskie. Robo LOL'd.

Getting a poll archive page up is definitely on the summer to-do list and if you have any poll suggestions, be sure to send them our way.