Turner to Test NBA Waters?

By Jason Priestas on April 9, 2009 at 7:00 am

DraftExpress is reporting Evan Turner, who has said he's returning to Ohio State at every opportunity to do so, might be considering testing the NBA draft:

Evan Turner is widely expected to return to Ohio State for his junior year, based off numerous reports indicating how strongly he feels about playing another season in college, but from what we’re hearing, there is still a conversation going on that would suggest otherwise. It’s too early to say whether Turner will definitely be in the draft, but it’s also too early to say he definitely won’t.

Uh oh. I suppose it's only smart for a probable lottery pick to see where he might go and I can only imagine what I'd do in his shoes with millions waiting on the other side. In theory, he can put his name out there and not sign with an agent to still be able to return to the Buckeyes. But, please think of the children, Evan, won't you?

Football bits: Todd Denlinger is getting reps as a run-blocking tight-end for potential two-tight goal line packages, and as if the loss of two star linebackers wasn't enough, We Will Always Have Tempe reminds us that the Buckeyes face the team that has led the nation in rushing the last four seasons in the opener. Patsie?