That Might Explain These Photos

By Jason Priestas on April 3, 2009 at 4:14 pm
Brian Cushing got his swoll-on.  But was it legit?Cushing got his swoll-on. But was it legit?

NFL Draft Bible and other non-MSM sources are reporting that USC's Brian Cushing and Clay Matthews tested positive for steroids at the NFL combine last month in Indianapolis.

There's been quiet speculation for some time that Trojan football players were maybe taking advantage of performance-enhancing elements (besides the free lodging for family members) and this report seems to confirm that could be true -- at least in Cushing and Matthews' cases.

Any idea how this might affect their draft stock? Sapp, Merriman, Castillo and others have been busted for the same in the past and in the case of Castillo it didn't really kill his stock, and for whatever reason, steroid allegations and offenses aren't frowned upon in the NFL to the extent they are in MLB.

UPDATE: Carroll claims the rumors are false.

UPDATE 2: So pretty much everyone and their brother is calling the report into question. Not much on the site's about page and the contact page is now 404'n (cached version). The proprietor of the site is a former producer at ESPN and when contacted by the NFL Network, stood by the report, so he's either going to burn every bridge he'll ever need in life or have something huge.

Now, we're bracing for the inevitable assault on the voracity of interweb sites. I get the argument that there's no accountability, because, hey, there really isn't. I could put out a post saying Laurinaitis eats babies and there'd be nobody to stop me, but all the hard work we've put into the site would be worthless after that. NFL Draft Bible may not have any accountability in the workflow sense, but you can bet that if they're wrong, they can say goodbye to any relevance going forward.