First Thoughts: Spring Depth Chart

By Alex Gleitman on April 4, 2009 at 11:46 am

So the first depth chart for Spring Practice has been released and this is what it looks like.

Some interesting things to note here are that the Cordle-to-tackle experiment seems to be pretty solid as he is listed as the starting right tackle, Bryant Browning is listed as the starting left guard, Dexter Larimore gets the starting nod over Todd Denlinger at DT, and Tyler Moeller is the listed starter at the OLB slot opposite Ross Homan. It's also kind of interesting/funny that Dane Sanzenbacher is the back-up holder and that one of the back-up QBs or P/Ks couldn't hold down that job.

Other than the aforementioned things of note, there are not many surprises to this depth chart. I really like how the staff goes about making changes and trying to find the best places for the puzzle pieces to fit in Spring Practice so that when fall camp comes around the team is ready to roll at game speed. There are of course some injuries preventing players from competing this spring (Shugarts, Lawrence Wilson, Keith Wells, Zach Boren), but this first depth chart and the ensuing practices that will take place from now until April 25 should give us a good idea of which Buckeyes get the starting nod when they take on Navy on September 5.

Stay tuned for more as Spring Practice picks up in the coming weeks and we're able to find out more of what to expect from the 2009 edition of The Ohio State Buckeyes.