Spielman, Herbie Stoke the Rivalry Flames

By Chris Lauderback on November 18, 2008 at 10:11 pm

In case you don't get 1460 The Fan which is likely if you live outside the outerbelt, Herbstreit and Spielman had a great back and forth yesterday as they discussed this Saturday's clash.

With tongues somewhat in cheek, the two didn't paint a pretty picture when discussing the Wolverines and what they expect to occur in The Game.

The Detroit News was able to pick up the comments and put them out there for the Wolverine faithful to see. Normally, I'd assume the head coach of said team up north would use these comments as bulletin board material but considering the current coach doesn't seem interested in grasping the rivalry, maybe not. Either way, the conversation was classic sarcastic Spielman with a touch of tolerable Herbie.

Spielman lobbed this bomb to kick it off:

"Anybody that played in that game understands what that game is and how special it is. For Michigan, I think it's vital for them because they have absolutely nothing. I admit when I'm wrong -- I was wrong about Michigan winning four games. I think they're going to win three...This team has no confidence, man. They're dead men walking."

Gotta love a guy that will admit when he's wrong.

After some minor comments from Herbie about UM just wanting the game to be over, Spielman struck again prompting Herbie to fully join the fray:

Spielman: "I don't think it's going to be close. They're not very good. The problem Michigan has is they know they're not very good, and the coaches know they're not very good, and the fans know they're not very good."

Herbstreit: "They're a tough watch, watching that outfit. This is a great example of why I like to see Michigan be a very good, very competitive team. They're 3-8 on their way to 3-9. And this is like the year somebody told you (the truth) about Santa Claus. This is like taking all the wind out of the sails.

"I know it's still Ohio State-Michigan, and when the teams run onto the field, it's still special, but this is just anti-climatic. (Michigan is) going to run onto the field, and 'Booooooo!' Who you booing? They're 3-8.

"If they didn't have to be there, they wouldn't be there. They're sorry they have to be there. They don't want to be. They're going to take the game, get it over with and get out of there."

I think I'm tearing up...

Herbie, correctly, lamented the fact Michigan stinks and the impact their suck has on the rivalry but Spielman didn't seem too sympathetic:

Spielman: "I love seeing them beaten down. It's not our fault Michigan's bad. What do you want us to do, give 'em some of our players to make it fair? They're not holding up their end of the bargain. It's on them."

Herbstreit: "I understand that, it's on them. But the rivalry is built upon the game meaning so much to both sides. When I think about being a little kid and watching that game, I think of great Ohio State and great Michigan teams, and that's the way I wish it was every year."

Spielman: "I wish it was, too, but they screwed up. They had to go and mess it up. They got their dirty maize-and-blue hands on it, they screwed it up."

God Bless Chris Spielman.