Who Would You Take?

By Corey Carpenter on April 24, 2008 at 7:00 am
Larry GrantGrant to New England? Could be five straight title games.

For me, one of the benefits of being a Buckeye fan is the NFL draft. As Jason pointed out earlier this week, the tenure of Jim Tressel had provided 7.8 draft picks per season, including a record number a few years ago.

I always enjoy the anticipation of seeing where each Buckeye legend will land and hope that a few of them will end up on my beloved Bears.

Obviously this is a rare season for former Buckeyes entering the draft. The Gun Show has been a popular top 7 pick for some time now and Todd McShay's latest mock draft has Kirk Barton going in the 5th round to Tampa Bay and Larry Grant going to New England in the 7th. Dionte Johnson has an outside chance of getting drafted, but fullbacks rarely do.

The Bears suck at drafting and rarely pick a Buckeye, so my dreams are usually crushed each year. While there is a greater probability that no Buckeye will end up in Chicago next season, I turned my thoughts to the rest of the conference. Where there any players from the Big Ten that I would like to see on da' Bears?

While I would love to see the Bears take Barton or Grant in the later rounds, I would have no problems settling for J. Lehman or James Hardy. I have made my man crush on J. Lehman apparent before and his tackle statistics speak for themselves. I think he would fit perfectly with Urlacher and Briggs. Hardy would provide that tall red zone threat for whatever crummy quarterback Lovie chooses to play.

With the lack of Ohio State players in the draft this year, are there any other Big Ten players you would like to see on your favorite NFL team? We all know the Big Ten is full of slow players, so any pick would be a flyer, but are there players you think could help your team? Also, do you dislike Michigan players on your NFL team?