What's Going On in State College?

By Jason Priestas on March 6, 2008 at 3:00 pm
Joe Paterno, Grounded"I'm fine. Really."

Another day, another Nittany Lion suspended. Yesterday it was tight end Andrew Quarless' turn.

The junior became the 6th player suspended in a little over 40 days. He was guilty of the ever specific "violation of team rules" and making matters worse, Quarless was coming off a season in which he missed the first two games after he was busted for underage drinking.

I'm not trying to pile on a kid for -- gasp -- underage drinking while at college, but if you already have one strike, you have to be one special kind of turd to follow it up with strike two a mere 7 months later.

The suspensions, dating back to the house party brawl last year, speak to the larger issue that Joe Paterno, much like Bobby Bowden, has lost control of his program.

Nothing against Paterno or Bowden -- this is just life dictating its ways. Once you reach the age of 215, it's only natural that you will lose a step (or ten) and faculties running at a slower rate and running a major college football program go together like Anton Chigurh and Piña Coladas.

But more importantly, what does this say about Jay Paterno? Proving that you want the job when it opens up does not consist of ruining highly-rated quarterbacks and turning a blind eye to a roster bent on self-destruction, while your dad walks around bumping into walls and waxing poetic about Andre Krimm.

Penn State fans can see the writing on the wall and cautiously went fappity-fap when rumors popped up recently that Bill Cowher had been in town for a few days back in February (Cowher immediately denied any interest in the job).

What would you do if you were in athletic director Tim Curley's shoes?