There Be Light Posting Ahead

By Jason Priestas on March 20, 2008 at 7:00 am
YikesCasino carpet.. it keeps driving my eyes up to the games

The whole crew will be in Vegas until Sunday, so if things get a little light on the posting side, you can bet it's because we're either in the midst of a 43-hour bender, or conversely, the heads are pounding too much to write anything.

Enjoy the opening weekend of the tournament. Best of luck to Wisky, IU, Sparty and Purdue -- the lack of respect leveled at the conference in both major sports demands some banding together, no?

Speaking of the tournament, you can still get into the 11W group (password is "woody") if you haven't already done so. Fame, prizes, all that, to the winner. This is also a subtle reminder to the few that have entered but haven't filled out their brackets yet. Don't be that guy.

Oh yeah.. Pryor. Wednesday may have set some kind of Buckeye blog record. MotSaG lit cigars, ATO is getting artistic, Poe is counting Corvettes, Our Honor Defend points out that Rodriguez is now 0-2 when recruiting all-world quarterbacks to fit his system, and The BBC is relishing rubbing it in.

Thad has already promised Pryor a spot on the hoops team (please, Tress let him play) and SMQ checks in on the topic by echoing the Tebow model and mourning the recruiting services big loss:

He'll probably ease into the lineup in a Tebow-like role behind Todd Boeckman next year, eclipse the pedestrian fifth-year caretaker toward the end of the year, and set his sights on repeating Tebow's trophy-grabbing breakout as a sophomore. That's the plan, anyway. The kid is Tebow, Troy Smith and Vince Young in one.

Michigan and Penn State partisans: he's a bust. Dude's a head case. Don't sweat it. Y'all never wanted him, anyway. Remember, when you said that?

For recruiting gurus, though, there is no silver lining. The ride of their lives has come to an end. Sure, there will be other guys. More hot, young, rippling studs whose raw physical presence will take their breath away. But another Terrelle? Don't tease Rivals' broken heart.