The Gridiron Bash Is No Fan of Compliance

By Jason Priestas on March 31, 2008 at 11:00 am
Jimi HendrixThe only acceptable opener for a Buckeye
spring game

It looks like Fergie won't be meeting Joe Paterno after all.

The NCAA got around to looking at the specifics behind the Gridiron Bash, a series of events where musical acts were to perform as part of a fan-friendly event leading up to the spring games of select universities, and didn't like what they saw.

It appears that some schools had raised concerns regarding the participation of players at pep rallies and the concerts. The NCAA then advised MSL Sports and Entertainment, the event backers, that the shows could not go on. Officials are in the process of canceling the events and while refund information is supposedly forthcoming, the Wiz correctly speculates that MSL could take a shot to the wallet:

The suspicion is that MSL could take a financial hit, given that top-flight acts would seemingly have financial guarantees to guard against cancellations — especially cancellations close to the concert dates.

What's that about measuring twice, cutting once?

When the original roster was announced with the likes of Penn State, Alabama, Tennessee and LSU, some Buckeye fans wondered why the school wasn't included. Besides the obvious reason of not sullying your flagship spring event with the likes of Alan Jackson, Kelly Clarkson or Kid Rock, perhaps the compliance folks saw the danger in this one a mile away. At any rate, it's nice to be ahead of the game for once.