The Big Ten, One Cool Cat

By Jason Priestas on March 13, 2008 at 7:00 am
Slam Poetry, it’s sucktastic!

If you're in town for the conference basketball tournament, don't forget to stop by the recording location the Big Ten has setup at Conseco -- you're wanted for a spoken word session:

In that spirit, slam poetry will make its debut at this year's Big Ten Basketball Tournaments. Fans will be encouraged to write their own scripts, or they can read one of several poems produced by the Big Ten, including the slam poetry featured in the original PSA. Patrons are welcome to stop by the recording location near section 2 on the main concourse to tape their version of Big Ten basketball slam poetry. Selected renditions will be showcased on the Conseco Fieldhouse video boards during the games and will also be posted on the Big Ten website.

Northwestern and Michigan, the two Big Ten schools you know would just dominate a spoken word throw-down aren't likely to be sending that many fans to Indianapolis, so which group is the favorite in Indy this weekend? Hoosier fan waxing about Pink Houses with a cheek full of Red Man? Overall-wearing Boiler fan? What about Michigan State fan dropping "THIS IS SPARTA!" while rocking a black beret out?